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Emergency safety and rescue operations

- Means of hazard detection: radiation, chemical, bacteriological, engineering.

- Devices for search of injured people.

- Rescue instruments and gear.

- Accessory tools and equipment.


Information and technical means of emergency situations monitoring

- Systems of automated management, information systems, communication complexes and equipment.

- Complex automated information systems.

- Command and control vehicles.


Technical means and complexes of emergency response

- Emergency response system.

- Remote and robotic service systems.

- Transport-packing sets, containers.

- Wheeled and crawler machines.

- Devices and gear for proteciton against ecotoxicity of environment, hostile areas and specialized enterprises.

- Utilization of accident consequences.


Technical means of rescue and fire safety

- Video surveillance.

- Security and fire alarm systems and notifications.

- Means of communication and notifications.

- Living facilities.

- ACS software.

- Fire evacuation and rescue facilities.

- Fire prevention facilities and fireproof materials.

- Personnel Protective Equipment.

- Fire-fighting aviation (planes, helicopters).

- Robotics.

Means of ensuring industrial and environmental safety

- Anticorrosive protection.

- Production, storage, transportation of flammable toxic, highly toxic substances.

- Devices and systems of nondestructive control.

- Industrial ecology.

- Technical diagnosing and examination of equipment deterioration.

- Test equipment.

- Special means of protection from dangerous and harmful occupational factors. Devices for level control of dust, gas, humidity, temperature, radiation and electromagnetic radiation, pollution agents, noise and networks voltage.

- Systems and equipment of air conditioning and cleaning, thermal control, radiation protection, electromagnetic protection, noise protection of rooms.

- Devices and systems for gas emissions and wastewater cleaning from impurities; gas dumping noise suppression devices.

- Air pollution monitoring.

- Process control instruments and methods of their application for vehicles maintenance check; Exhaust gas toxicity and smoke standards.

- Overalls and uniform, instructions on production safety, information signs and posters, professional literature.

- High-duty and wear-resistant materials applied in hostile environment and extra high hazard areas.

- Enterprises control systems of personnel labor protection, training, retraining and certification.

- Industrial risks insurance.

Emergency medicine

- Immobilization devices and displacement of injured people. Extreme medicine apparatus and devices.

- Equipment, accessories and specimen of extreme medicine.

- Therapy and preventive measures.

- Mobile medical laboratories and hospitals.

- Special medical transport.

- Medical sets and packs of emergency help.

- Ready-to-assemble and transformable treatment stations.

- Diagnostic and healthcare delivery systems.

- Training services of emergency help skills, teaching aids.

- Pharmaceuticals.

Rescue services and fire units equipment and gear

- Firefighting equipment: fire safety stations and stands, fire hoses, hydrants, adjustable fire hose nozzles, master stream nozzles, fire extinguishing equipment.

- Fire fighting vehicles: fire tank vehicles, rescue vehicles, fire pumping stations, first aid vehicles, staff cars, foam and powder extinguishing vehicles, smoke removal and combined extinguishing vehicles, turntable ladders.

- Firefighting aircrafts (planes, helicopters).

- Vehicles and equipment for gas and oil fountains fire extinguishing in cable tunnels, high-rise buildings, underground metro facilities, at facilities for processing and storage of liquefied hydrocarbon gases and in rolling stock of railway transport.


Integrated automated information systems of urban infrastructures

- Smart city.

- Video analytics.

- Data-processing centers.

- Biometrics.

Artificial intelligence in security systems

- Personal means of protection (antiviruses, network screens, etc.).

- Video surveillance systems.

- Unmanned transportation systems.

- IT-technologies.

- Data processing software.



Special technical equipment for law enforcement

- Search, surveillance and inspection equipment.

- Security equipment.

- IT, telecom systems, information protection and automation systems.

- Robotics.

- Forensic and analytical equipment.

- Logistics and medical support.

- Special transport.

- Uniforms, equipment, gear.